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100% New FREE HIT COUNTER BY FreeWebCounterStats.Com

Free invisible counters by FreeWebCounterStats.Com will display detailed statistics on your website's traffic patterns. It's easy to setup, simply insert a few lines of code, and you're all set.

- Real Time Stats
- 100% free invisible counters
- No ads displayed on your website
- Instant signup & activation

HOW Free Web Counter Stats WORKS?

  Step #1  Register for a free web stats account by filling out our simple registration form.

 Step #2  Once registered, simply log into your account, click Get Stats Code, then choose your counter style or you can choose the invisible counter. It's your choice.

  Step #3   Once you've chosen your counter style, simply paste the code into the pages you would like to track. It's that easy, you can then monitor all the stats via the Free Web Counter Stats Control panel.


Free Web Counter Stats also gives you the opportunity to track a year's worth of stats or six months of stats without restriction. Once you've registered for a free account, you can always upgrade to our Premium Service, which is available at nominal cost. Our rates for this service are very competitive. Unlike other services, we do not base the hits on your log size, but based on time period ensuring that you receive uninterrupted service.

The following packages are available to all members as an upgrade:

Log File Limit: 180 days worth of logs
Price: $19.95 per month

Log File Limit: 360 days worth of logs
Price: $24.95 per month

You can get started with our free package, and upgrade if your site outgrows the free package.

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